offers free tools to readers and writers who enjoy simple, comfortable reading online.

For Readers

Authors who use for their webpages give you, the reader, the power to decide how their webpages look. Instead of telling you how it’s going to be, they invite you to make yourself at home.

Authors who use also commit to simplicity. Their webpages load quickly, so you don’t have to wait so long. They don’t clutter the screen with complicated layout.

For Writers

You can invite users to make themselves comfortable on your webpage in three easy steps:

  1. Put this tag in the <head> of your webpage:

    <meta name="" content="2019-12-09">
  2. Put this tag at the bottom of the <body> of your webpage:

    <script src=""><script>
  3. Write your webpage using just simple HTML tags: <blockquote>, <code>, <em>, <h1> through <h6>, <hr>, <img>, <ol>, <p>, <pre>, <strong>, <table>, and <ul>.

    For example, write your If you write your webpage in common Markdown, it will follow this rule automtically.

For Enthusiasts

If you would like to help make this webpage or its tools better for everyone, come join in! All of thie files for live on GitHub. You can also e-mail ideas to

Good ideas of all kinds are welcome. But to give a sense of what’s planned:


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